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The Eagle and the Wolf


The Eagle and the Wolf

Alexei Muravsky

I found time to walk outside, rest after hectic days,

Watch a clear steel blue winter sky blend into bleeding reds,

A palette that matches, reminded me of your eyes,

So bright and vibrant, ever more so piercing when passionate.


An eagle flew by, guided by the setting light,

Heading towards a new hope, a new day, escaping the night,

The chaos of reality that I sense myself slowly being bound to,

Destined to grind ‘cause of the circumstances my personality found itself in,

In order to sprout wings and fly out of this trap, ideas never big enough,

Expecting my mind to craft new bars for novel cages,

To work toward breaking out of, more years invested into,

Individual independence, despising ever having to depend on others,

Clashing against my wolfish nature; a need for family,

A community to support, to erect, to inspire, set a fire under,

Hunting with my brothers to feed our sisters and mothers,

Raising sons to overcome fears, ghosts of lost fathers,

Daughters infused with confidence, values above all others.


I understand an Eagle’s need to fly alone; I feel it within myself too,

But to see a lone wolf surviving without kin in the world,

Is an aberration, a Wilderness’s wild, nature’s mutation,

I couldn’t handle such a sight, a vacant existence I’d fight.

So I came to terms with both sides of the coin,

Intertwined but at the same time happening in order,

Stopped chasing tall tales of tail, screwed head on right, tight:

A focused development of me, to envision, eventually see the best return on we.