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Alexei Muravsky

I miss you, the space you filled in my life,

The situation I find myself in, due to strife,

Haven’t spoken with you since my twenty-first,

The Fourth of July two thousand sixteen,

Still the first to say your presence was cursed,

Missing ain’t easy, wondering what could have been,

Fanning the flame of pain, heart and mind dogfight,

That’s how life toys with you, tossed from one sandbox to another,

Sacrifices needed to be made to eliminate the clutter, kite,

People, vices, and places forgotten in order to rise from the gutter,

A premature grave dug, soil displaced, the living buried,

Empty space filling up with ambition, direct fuel line ignition feed,

My gas tank ran on empty, lasting off of dreams and personal creed,

But the needle’s rising, my ride won’t stray, the seed has done the deed