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Alexei Muravsky

 Yonge Line, North York, Toronto ON, Canada

Yonge Line, North York, Toronto ON, Canada

Fog rolling over treetops, water falling,

Thoughts creep into your heart, river flowing,

Didn’t know it at the time,

I was just a youngin’,

Doctrine taught, bread broken, ideas injested,

Head hot, temper flared, intentions preheated,

So son, look past appearances,

You’ll keep yourself, no brother insurances,

Man is wolf to man, woman wolverine, heart ripped out,

Wearing sheepskin coats, inciting doubt,

Step back; take time to think things through, seen,

Only colour to concern colours treetops green,

The fog just blinded me to that clue,

Don’t blame your eyes, they don’t lie,

This was perception’s prerogative, formed in the mind,

Soul search, aim to move off of character,

Set aside feeling, use strategy,

All else evaporates, simple equation