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Box Broken

Alexei Muravsky

Six square sheets fitted neatly into place,

Screwed in around me ‘till sunlight escapes,

A square personality brought me into this space,

Did I multiply myself by myself, a squared case?

Or was I simply put into a box, masked with a false face?

Boxed into a corner, I bobbed and weaved,

A cubicle wasn’t what it was set out to be,

Open space is what I need, place for my creativity to breed,

Kalahari plains, Afghan valleys, the Russian steppes,

An environment where my insatiable hunger, I can feed,

Where words fill up every section of the food pyramid,

Gifting me the tools I need to climb to the top of Maslow’s pyramid,

Corners shaved, infinitesimal angles created a circle, no longer a kid,

Transcended psychoanalysis, melted down my mind into a mold,

Smelted out id, ego, superego, then combined, and sharpened my sword.