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The goal of the website will be to help optimize the growth and development of people by analyzing human nature.



Alexei Muravsky

Motivated students, lifelong learners, coalesced together,

A guild, encompassing ‘universitas’ – the whole ether,

Embarking upon an adventure of the body and mind,

Engaged in conversations that will change lives forever,

Destined meetings sparked at the right place and time,

Listen to the whispers of the alums, passed by, forgotten,

Left to their own devices in graduation photos,

Societies, fraternities, sororities, clubs, student politics,

They plead for you, carpe diem, still heights to heighten,

Personal dreams accomplished would be the greatest mementos,

For future generations, encouraging them to chase theirs, authentic,

So provide voice in the forum, raze resistance, don’t hesitate,

Ask her out, these are the days to prove your character, your fate.