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The goal of the website will be to help optimize the growth and development of people by analyzing human nature.



Alexei Muravsky

Knew a gentleman that dug himself into a depression,

Sunk to the bottom of the ocean, anchored with anxiety,

Committed himself to crawl out of this suppression, a coma,

Tossed about enough by the shackles of society,

Took this to heart - didn’t want to reach a vegetative state,

Urgency of the matter brought him to look closer at his state of mind,

Woke up with the conscious decision to break these binds,

Brick by brick, buying his life, life, one day at a time,

Intellectual, passionate, productive, disciplined focus, now in his prime,

Sadness glazes over his eyes when seeing people living in a deficit,

Time stamping their lives away trying to buy happiness, faking it,

Empathic indicators colouring his face when people’s dreams don’t hit,

Transformed pain into passion, harnessed his fire’s volatility,

New vehicle making his community a better place, at least a little bit,

A parent, teacher, mentor, pastor, psychologist, psychiatrist,

Whatever shoe fits