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A Butterfly Effect


A Butterfly Effect

Alexei Muravsky

Pick up a pen to set on paper your ambitions

So that’d they look clearer when sunk into ink.

Suddenly seeming possible, not as distant as you think.

A way to reverse engineer your goals – know where to start.

You will realize how much even in schemes for cream,

The oddest actions, smallest perturbations, affect your dream.


Whether a pebble or boulder was dropped into a lake,

Ripples would still rip through the fabric of time and space,

Scissors cutting a pattern to make way for a new place,

A future, where this action is included within the lace.


The flap of a butterfly’s wings directs a hurricane’s hurtful hate.

From chaos comes order, eventually orders fall into chaos,

Phoenixes burn hot, rise from the new ashes of old fires.

Aristocracy gives way to Timocracy, who will father Oligarchy,

The mother of Democracy, eventually usurped by an upstart Tyranny.


This may seem deterministic, but reality is mathematically so.

Yet small causes can have large effects, and the steps you take today

Will work with the equation, if you have faith in seeing them paid.