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Free Will


Free Will

Alexei Muravsky

William came from womb straight to adoption home,

Bounced foster dwellings ‘till he reached a destructive one,

Families rented him for tax cuts, no incentives for altruistic intentions,

An alcoholic stepfather unleashed rage, the bitterness of broken dreams,

Told him to choose between a two-by-four, belt, or a wrench,

To mark him up, bruise him into another dimension,

Years of aggression turned this youth distrusting,

For how could he trust when the ones that were supposed to wouldn’t love him,

Did he become distant because he didn’t want to get hurt?

Or because he didn’t want to feel responsible if he hurt others?

Always reasoned that it was much easier to snub those he didn’t call ‘real friends’,

Pushed people away before they had the chance to leave him first,

I can’t blame Will for a defense mechanism, for wanting to skip history,

It’s not his fault, it is not his fault, everything he had locked away in his vault,

He had brothers that would lay down their lives to know he survived,

But not a single soul mate that would challenge his very existence, make him strive,

Met a girl one night, courtship eloped, but didn’t want to continue, make the call,

Said she was perfect, he thought this image wouldn’t survive a fall,

Love wasn’t available in his lexicon before, didn’t want to see it disappear,

Forgetting that what makes you love another involves imperfections,

Those quirky directions that tell you exactly where you need to go next,

So he decided, packed his bags with a frenzy he hadn’t felt before,

Chasing a woman he had never seen afore, knew he would never see again,

The present moment freed Will from his past,

Giving way to a future he finally believed in, that could last.

Coast clear he left me a message before jetting to the other side, the other coast;

Sean, if the professor calls about that job just tell him sorry. I had to see about a girl.
— Will