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Honestly the Best Policy


Honestly the Best Policy

Alexei Muravsky

I kick chicks the truth, they enjoy our footy match,

Used to being played they’re surprised from the absence of lies,

Yet they still ask for proof, afraid of a catch twenty-two cache.

Got no time to do so, to spin half-truths, keep kites a flight,

I have no reason to lie; my game lies in the straight and narrow,

You see me skilled at my work? I will serve before Queens;

Not before girls fronting, still officiating in low ranks, has beens.

Wouldn’t have the patience to stay in a facetious relationship,

Just for the sex… shit, I got nymphomaniacs for that, ladies that live for it.


Looking to build an empire, founded over trust, respect, and time.

Sweetheart, place ten percent of yours into mine,

See a one thousand percent return on investment, for a dime,

Le Roi, royalty represented by a King, a high reward for low risk,

Bernie Madoff numbers, over one hundred back, but this ain’t no con,

A convict that repented – truthfully, exactly what a thief would say,

A patient wolf lurking, waiting to steal your heart, a real garcon.


No wonder girls are cautious when I speak, from vocab I can afford,

Seek to retreat from a diversity, economic volatility in words,

A volcano rising, from a change in mood, tone of voice,

Swoons some, puts the more experienced on guard of choice,

No pump fakes or cross overs will ever make this woman break,

Will just have to put on a record, slip waist to waist, nothing to waste,

Start to dance, set a trap, entrance, eye to eye, romance.