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Chasing Death


Chasing Death

Alexei Muravsky

Let me do what I do best, wax and wane poetic,

Born with a Cancer’s nature, I move moons,

Hunt begins with getting you into the right mood,

Crab walk for the sake of forsaking direct approach,

Girls want a dream spun around them,

As if they didn’t know the final outcome,

For men are visual creatures, women quite different,

Enjoying the deep protective sound of voice,

I drip lush words into your ears, day after day,

The shell you created, broken down by the bay,

An entrance presents itself, not the time for thinking,

Sunrise, slip her out of the sundress, play acting,

Plunge into duvet covers, cover of night, pool of happiness,

If even for a moment… le petit mort, I reincarnate,

Combine bodies and souls, our worlds whole,

A combination greater than the sum of our parts,

Phallus and challis, wine poured, mind intertwined mind,

Supercharged this ride, we exponentially multiply,

Life flashes before my eyes with explosions, from the cradle to you,

So don’t blame me baby, look to my animal energy, the need to seduce,

Channeled Caesar, I came, I saw, I conquered, veni, vidi, vici,

Plunged my sword into many bodies, fainted, realizing what I’ve done,

This loss of consciousness cured with rolled tobacco,

Fell out of bed, lit cigar, nicotine streaming through my veins,

Brought me back, physically inhaled and exhaled reality,

More lives than a thousand cats, but my lives cursed to beget deaths.