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Alexei Muravsky

Society tried to elevate, separate itself from the beasts,

Yet everywhere you look, you may still see people, kowtow,

Take example from cousins from distant branches, family tree,

We thought to have dearly departed, were excited to flee,

From dark vultures, raving ravens, crows spiralling and in tow,

Snakes slithering unseen, rats grovelling in tunnels underneath,

Hyenas, hogs reminding us of our corrupt cunning feats,

Pushed us, we dropped into past habits, started to scavenge, thieve,

Pure souls fell onto their own swords, remixed heart beats,

Seeing all this for the first time I couldn’t believe,

Slayed the wolf, lifted the wool, gasped at what I now perceived,

Omnis (all), Vorare (to eat or devour),

Such behaviour, came second nature to, an Omni(вор).