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Fly Boy Fly


Fly Boy Fly

Alexei Muravsky

There is an expiration date,

On blaming parents for choices made,

Always one available, whether to grow or fade,

So when will you take control of your fate?

Seize shears, snip umbilical cord straight off,

Responsibilities for chasing one’s passion,

Lay in the physical, mental, spiritual effort you put out,

Wings may have been folded for years, even cut,

Spread, regrow they will, with will they must,

Wind picks up from stern; sails enlarge to full mast,

People naturally want to be part of something bigger,

I don’t blame them, evolution shepherded us into community,

‘Bigger than themselves’, feel like they’re part of an army,

Sports teams, religions, tailored cultures, family traditions,

Irony lies in their identity expanding to a larger reality,

But to feel bigger you must drop self, individuality,

Ironed out personalities, political correctness hammered,

Nails down, tall poppies leveled out, outcasts cast out,

Sacrificed for your club community country hive, no receipts,

Memories erased of your exact existence,

When from the beginning the biggest part,

That part was you – the essence brought onto planet earth,

No one could clone gene for gene, the potential gifts,

You could possibly impart onto humanity, lie within,

Lie to yourself and will never know if that was the case,

Self-sabotage, hide in fear of imagined consequences,

Steam rolling your way – your way, tonight’s play,

That will make tomorrow’s day, so see to it that,

You make the time and space to have your say,

Or see time fly by, a movie directed by other people’s opinion,

Step up soldier for world defying flight, fly Boy fly.