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The goal of the website will be to help optimize the growth and development of people by analyzing human nature.



The Alexei Muravsky Reading  Recommendation Newsletter

"What are you reading at the moment?"


Every time I ask this question, my hope is that the answer is a positive one. If you haven’t had the time to find something that captures your attention I will be able to help you discover it. As many people already know, reading is one of my biggest passions. Being asked that question countless times now has inspired me to create a reading recommendation newsletter. Each month I will send out 4 to 8 written works, through email, that I have personally read and reviewed. My hope is that you will find writing that you enjoy, and most importantly writing that changes your life for the better. Each review will be a succinct couple of sentences talking about the read, with connections to other writing that relates to the work. Once you sign up you will also receive 10 of my all time favourite recommendations along with reading tips that will allow you to implement what you read in an active way throughout your life.

  • The email will be coming from my personal address and I will be responding to each and every email reply from you and other readers in the community!

As Tai Lopez says; “double down on your brain.” The best investment you can make is in yourself, material objects depreciate, stocks fluctuate, but knowledge transcends time and is able to lift you and those around you to a higher, happier level of living.

Books are one of, if not the most, cost effective ways of investing in yourself.  The difference between reading 1 book and reading 8 books per month isn’t linear - it becomes exponential.

This happens because as you read more, more ideas can start to blend together and breed new ones. The giant you stand under slowly becomes taller and taller. This phenomenon has been coined the “pinball effect” by Tai Lopez. Your mind bounces off the various ideas you encounter, gaining momentum.

  • I will be doing a summary of the best books I've read for the year, every year!

My love for reading developed at an early age. I believe that development was one of the most influential aspects of my life. Every book changes my perspective in a specific way, and whether in small or large degrees, they affect my future. What if I only read the books assigned to me in high school, and at that half-heartedly? I would be a lesser version of myself, of Alexei Muravsky, today. An individual exposed to less opportunities and less heart to go after the ones I had. Imagine yourself without the literature that has influenced you. Don’t you feel empty, like an important part of you is missing? This is why it’s so important to read. This is why I want to be on this journey with you, why I want to help you find the next piece of written work that will change your life for the better.

  • This list is the advantage you need in order to speed up your growth and development as a person, and as a leader!

Enter your email below to receive these interesting recommendations once a month via email. Let reading take you where you need to be.


- I want to thank Ryan Holiday for indirectly giving me this idea and helping me put my passion to use. His reading list is definitely worth signing up for; it has provided me with a lot of valuable reads and advice.