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The goal of the website will be to help optimize the growth and development of people by analyzing human nature.


Any advice I give is to be taken with a grain of salt, and used in accordance with one's own will. Understand that we are all subjective and have no play in objectivity. We can be fair, but our experiences will always taint our thoughts... in any case that's a topic that should be evaluated with more depth, and given it's own time. Use information I provide at your own risk (not that it's all that dangerous). I am currently studying psychology and am by no means an expert in the field. I will inevitably write about psychological aspects that I find interesting and want to get across, but I encourage you to learn about them on your own time as well, to get a better understanding of psychology.

I don’t want you to agree with everything that I say, I’d rather you question everything that you’re told.
— Immortal Technique (Felipe Andres Coronel)